Everyone has the right to marry a person whom he or she desires. To marry a man who is loved is the best achievement of communication, shared between relatives. Sometimes, not only in the hands of the bride or groom, whether they want to knit the knots with each other, or not, but the family members of the groom and the bride also play an important role. It is essential that, in the case of marriage, the consent of both families of the couple be accepted before the marriage begins. In fact, very few people who dare to accept their love for the whole world and give it the name of marriage. In such cases, the parents should not create obstacles to the marital status of the couple. Instead, they should try and understand their children and support them when necessary.

Although it is right that parents have the right to intrude into their children’s lives, but sometimes they need to understand and shape their beliefs by the changing times and increasing needs of children. Marriage is a decision that can damage a person’s entire life, so it should be carefully and thoughtfully. The decision must for sure be the result of leadership adopted by the elders of the family, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the alliance. Supporting children in their marriage helps the bride and groom to lead a smooth and carefree married life. Otherwise, children always mean that they do not have the blessings of their parents for their marriage life.

In cases where parents do not support the bride and groom for their marriage, and the couple is very firmly convinced of their decision to marry, then the only option left by the bride and groom is a legal marriage. Legal marriages are considered to be very low professional marriages, they are mainly committed in the case of mass marriages or when married couples do it against the will of members of their family by supporting the laws, certifying their right to marry the person they want, after eighteen years old. Although each marriage must be registered with a court, it is legal to be certified for their marriage, but marriages that take place in courtrooms are usually called courts.

There is a proper procedure that the bride and groom must observe to judge the marriage at the wedding. There are various acts for marriage, which, depending on the type of marriage, begin with the court and individuals. The two main acts for marriages are the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 and the Special Marriage Act of 1954. A couple must register for their marriage one month before marriage, for which some documents must be submitted to prove their originality as a citizen of. Few of the submitted documents:

* The signature of both the groom and the groom is required in the application for participation in marriage

* The document as the date of birth of the certificate of the bride and groom must be presented in court, in which the age of the bride and groom should be 21 years, by a special marriage certificate

* Two passport size photos

Residential evidence of the bride and groom

* In case of already married wedding invitations, photos for marriage, must be proven in court

Thus, these documents are necessary for filing a lawsuit to obtain a court marriage and obtaining a marriage certificate from a legal point of view and forever celebrate their unity.