ceremoniesHumanist Ceremonies
Members of Farnham Humanists regularly help people mark significant events in their lives by conducting Humanist funerals, weddings or civil partnerships and baby namings.

As Humanists with no religious belief it’s important that we can mark these occasions with honesty, warmth and affection, using words and music that are personal and appropriate to the lives and the people involved.

Each of the ceremonies is unique, created specially for the people involved. The focus is the occasion and the person or people being celebrated or commemorated. There are no special rules or strict observances beyond basic legal requirements. The ceremonies are planned in close consultation to make sure it’s exactly what people and their families want.

Farnham Humanist members Ailsa  Davies, Alec Leggatt, Roy Weedon and Sue Willson are local Humanist Officants and can be contacted for further information including about local ceremonies.

The British Humanist Association has a website about ceremonies BHA ceremonies – specific links are given below

Humanist Funerals and Memorials
Celebrate the life of someone who has died. By choosing a Humanist funeral or memorial you can commemorate them and share the memories they have left behind without any religious committal to an ‘after-life’. For more information click here …

Humanist Weddings or Civil Partnerships
Celebrate your marriage, partnership or a reaffirmation of your commitment with a Humanist wedding, partnership or affirmation ceremony. Read more…

Humanist Namings
Have a Humanist naming ceremony to welcome the arrival of a baby, an adopted child or new step-children into your family.